SOIS Welcomes Adam Hudson

School of Information Studies

The School of Information Studies (SOIS) is proud to welcome back one of its graduates as an instructor. Adam Hudson, who graduated from the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program in May 2006, joined the academic teaching staff full-time in August 2009.

Hudson returns to Milwaukee after spending the last two and a half years as the webmaster for the School of Health Science at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. A native of West Bend, WI, Hudson is happy to be back in the Midwest. “A lot of my friends and family are here, so it’s nice to be back,” he admits.

Although he enjoys it, Hudson says he never really imagined he would be teaching. “I love working with students and helping students create a product” he says. In his LIS 240 Information Architecture classes, Hudson has students learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and other essential design programs. The course prepares students to create websites and organize essential information online.This fall won’t be the first time Hudson has taught Information Architecture though. Hudson has taught the course remotely since August 2008.

In addition to Information Architecture, Hudson also taught LIS 110 Introduction to Information Science online this fall. With so much experience at the desk, Hudson is comfortable in the online setting. The trick, he says is to devise a course that’s interactive and consistent enough for online students. “I use a variety of Camtasia videos, PowerPoints, sample websites and really good text book,” Hudson explains, “to give students the time to figure it out.”

If students find the course interesting, Hudson is also a big promoter of doing fieldwork. “It’s a great way to get a wider background in the field,” he discloses. He should know. After finishing his MLIS, Hudson accepted a prestigious internship with Rockwell Automation. At Rockwell, Hudson worked in the Global Business Development department at the company’s headquarters in Milwaukee. There, he assisted with marketing campaigns and improving the company’s Intranet.

Hudson believes that opportunities like this are priceless for students. “Whether it is at a fieldwork with a non-profit organization or an independent study,” he says, “the important thing is the experience.” Hudson also thinks that SOIS’ program has a lot to offer for students. “The BSIR program is great because it offers students so much,” he says, “as a student you’re going to finish with a little bit of knowledge in a lot of different areas of technology and theory.”

This spring Hudson will also be teaching an LIS 491 Special Topics in Information Resources course on Adobe Flash. This is the first time a course like this will be offered. Hudson says that he’s excited about the class. “It’s great for SOIS,” he adds, “and I love designing a course for the first time.” Hudson isn’t the only one who is excited. “We’re very happy to offer a course in Adobe Flash,” said SOIS Dean Johannes Britz. “Having a versatile instructor like Adam is a big advantage for SOIS.”