TechSmith Relay allows users to easily create screencast videos using a combination of a recorder tool and an encoding server. Faculty and students can use the TechSmith Relay server after recording to encode presentations for courses.

Install the recorder tool on your computer and you can:

  • Record video and audio of onscreen action
  • Publish and share it with others via the web (private videos on YouTube).

TechSmith Relay can encode presentations in multiple formats and allows significant recording time (lengths vary, but 1-2 hours is not unusual).

Relay allows for encoding for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, Android or Windows Mobile. The TechSmith Relay server encodes 3 presentations at a time and presentations are queued for encoding on a first come, first served basis. To get started, please review the below tutorials.

This software is free for all UWM students, faculty and staff. However it is only supported and guaranteed for those affiliated with The School of Information Studies.

Tutorials & Videos


Getting Started (Setting up your Relay profile)
  1. Navigate to, then login with your ePanther ID and password.tuts_it_techsmith01
Installing the Recorder

TechSmith Relay recorders are already installed on the Windows and Mac sides of the lab computers at SOIS and are part of the Faculty image.

On your personal computer, you will need to install the Windows or Mac version of their capture software on your computer in order to record content and publish it to the destinations set up in the Getting Started (Setting up your Relay profile) section.

  1. Browse to
    • Log in with your ePanther ID and Password when prompted.
  2. If you have not completed your presentation profiles information, follow the instructions in the Getting Started (Setting up your Relay profile) section first.
  3. Click on the Download Recorders button and install the recorder that works with your operating system.
    • For Windows users, when the recorder setup screen appears click on Run.tuts_it_techsmith02
    • For Windows users, when the recorder setup screen appears click on Install.tuts_it_techsmith03
    • Click Finish to complete the TechSmith install process.tuts_it_techsmith04
Testing your Microphone
  1. Prepare your computer exactly as if you were presenting.
    • If using a specific microphone, make sure it is connected.
  2. Click the blue Test button to initiate a 10-second test recording.
    • During the test recording, speak in your presentation voice and launch your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, or whatever will be on your screen during your recording.
  3. At the conclusion of the test recording, the video opens in the Review window.
    • Click the Play button to review the recording.
    • Verify the audio is acceptable and the correct screen content was recorded.
    • Adjust as necessary.
  4. Click Close.
General Screen Capturing/Recording

Details of these instructions found at the TechSmith Relay Learning Center: Record a Presentation

  1. Open TechSmith Relay.
  2. Log in with your ePanther ID and password.tuts_it_techsmith05
  3. Select a profile and audio device.
  4. Click Record (REC) and give your presentation as normal.
  5. Provide a SIMPLE title for your recording. The title will become part of the URL if you publish to your pantherFILE account so KEEP IT SIMPLE!tuts_it_techsmith06
  6. Stop the recording and click Submit.
  7. You will receive an email at your Office365 email when the presentation is ready for viewing.
Recording a PowerPoint

1.Open PowerPoint.

  • After you install TechSmith Relay, it automatically prompts you to record when you start a PowerPoint slide show. You can change this and other default settings in the recording options. The add-in allows you to automatically start a recording each time you start a presentation, no matter how you start a presentation (clicking buttons, hotkeys, etc – see image on next page).

2.Start a slideshow.

  • A prompt asks if you want to record.

3.Verify the audio selection and level.

4.Click Record Slide Show.tuts_it_techsmith07


5.Give your presentation as normal.

  • When you finish the slide show, you can end the recording or continue recording.

6.When prompted, click Stop Recording to end the presentation.tuts_it_techsmith08


7.The presentation is shown in the TechSmith Relay Review dialog box.

  • You can review, trim, edit Presentation Details, log in (if needed), and submit your presentation for processing.tuts_it_techsmith09
Trimming a Recording
  1. After you finish recording, click Trimming to access the trimming tools.tuts_it_techsmith10
  2. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the beginning of the presentation and click the Set presentation start button.tuts_it_techsmith11
  3. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the end of the presentation and click the Set presentation endbutton. The area of the timeline in red is cut from the presentation. Once you submit or save the recording, you lose this part of the recording.tuts_it_techsmith12

If you want to remove the trim, click Cancel trim (the red X button). This cancels the current trim and closes the trimming tools.

Trimming a Recording

Once presentations are submitted to the TechSmith Relay server, it can take a while for the encoding process to complete. The server will queue up incoming presentations and encode 3 at a time in the order they were received. Once completed, an email will be sent to your Office 365 email account alerting you that the presentation is ready AND will provide you with the URL for each version of your video if you chose a profile that encodes in multiple formats.

  1. Copy the URL from the email and either send it via email, or post it to your webpage or to a course discussion board to share it with others. Your confirmation email will look similar to this:tuts_it_techsmith13
  2. You can also log in to the TechSmith Relay Website directly to check the publishing progress of your presentation and find the appropriate URL:


How to Videos

Getting Started

General Screen Capturing

Installing the Recorder

Testing your Microphone

Recording a PowerPoint

Trimming a Recording

Sharing your Recording


Additional Resources


What is TechSmith Relay?

Relay is a way for everyone at UW-Milwaukee with a ePanther ID to record live lectures, presentations and meetings from a Mac or PC. These recordings are then uploaded over the Internet and processed by a central server on campus and published to a shared YouTube account.

Who can use UWM’s Screen Capture Software?

The campus-wide screen capture software is available for all academic use by all faculty, staff and students with an active ePanther ID and password. However, support is only provided to current SOIS faculty and students.


How do I get started?

Browse to and log in with your ePanther ID an password. If this is your first time visiting the site please review the Getting Started section in the tutorials to learn how to setup your relay profile.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem?

For problems contact SOIS Tech at Please note that only current SOIS faculty and students will receive technical support.