SOIS offers a virtual computer lab for online students. The SOIS virtual lab provides any current SOIS student access to a SOIS computer from any location.

citrixThis lab is powered by Citrix XenDesktop, as such, it is compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Max OS X
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • And much more!
Accessing the Virtual Lab

1) Navigate to:

2) Login using your ePanther ID and password.

Use your ePanther ID and ePanther password in order to access the virtual lab.

User name: exampleID
Password: ******

If you are unable to login please email

Please be sure to let us know what SOIS courses you currently enrolled in.

Fig. 1



3) Once you login you should arrive at the following page.


Fig. 2

tuts_it_vlab02Select the windows icon in order to initiate the virtual lab session.


4) A new window/tab will open up, this is the HTML client. It will load your virtual desktop.

Fig. 3



5) The screen or window will look as follows if you connected successfully.


Fig. 4


6) Uploading/Downloading files

You will use the Citrix toolbar displayed on the screen to upload & download files to and from the virtual machine.

Fig. 5



The upload option will allow you to select files from your physical machine and upload them to the virtual machine to be worked on and edited.

The download option will allow you to download files from the virtual machine to your local/physical machine for saving and submitting.

We have also created a video which will show you how to upload and download files off of the virtual lab. Please click here to load it.

7) Copy/Pasting

You can also copy and paste content via the Citrix toolbar. Simply by pasting (Ctrl + v) content into first into the clipboard, you will then be able to paste the content within the virtual lab.

Fig. 6


*Note: If you are inactive from the lab for 30 minutes or more, you will be logged out automatically. Please be sure to wiggle your mouse once every 30 minutes if you intend to remained logged in.