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IST Careers

The IST program prepares graduates for careers helping individuals and organizations effectively use information resources and information technology. Graduates of the IST program will be immediately employable, particularly in firms that rely on the effective use of information in a interdisciplinary environment.

Visit our IT Careers Path website to learn more about specific IT career paths, the classes you can take to accommodate that path, and the current job listings for careers in that field.


IST Job Links

IST students nearing graduation should consider a number of options for their future including employment and graduate school. Good job sites for information science majors may include general sites such as or, or more specific information technology sites such as Below is a list of job sites which might help IST job seekers.

IST students should also look at SOIS’ MLIS career website page for more job sites relating to the library and information science field. Onsite students might also benefit from talking with one of the SOIS advisors about the graduate program and life in graduate school.

MLIS Job Resources

MLIS Careers

The MLIS program not only prepares graduates for traditional librarian positions in public, academic and special libraries but also for careers in new and emerging information professions.

Before any job search, it’s important to be prepared.  Utilize your network of mentors and colleagues, identify your goals, complete your resume, and practice your interview skills.

Before applying for any positions, students should consider consulting UWM’s Career Development Center for tips on resume building and cover-letter writing. For more library-focused guidance, please consult ALA’s Get a Job Toolkit. These tools will help get you on the right track toward a successful career. Below are some suggestions for job sites and career advice.

MLIS Job Links

For students looking to pursue a library-track position, there are a number of job sites to explore. Below is a list of career sites which students may find useful:


Because of the diverse nature of the field, there are fewer job-specific sites for careers in information science. Students looking for positions in information science are encouraged to be creative in their job search. A few sites that might prove helpful include: