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Annual SOIS Student Research Day

Each Spring Semester the SOIS Research Committee hosts the SOIS Student Research Day. Students are invited to submit paper proposals based on their research papers, critical literature surveys or designed research projects. Students may also submit poster proposals to share current works in progress.

We are delighted to share the Spring 2021 SOIS Student Research Day Projects!

Spring 2021 Research Projects Submissions
Mischa Fox Virtual Reality: Comparing the Benefits of Learning with the Consequences of Game Violence Undergraduate Student
 Kasey Leaf Milwaukee Public Library: Facilitating Voting and Promoting Civic Engagement Graduate Student
Anna Rabin The Maker Movement: Building an Inclusive Clubhouse Graduate Student
Christine Rickabaugh The Value of Graphic Novels Graduate Student
Vanessa Schlais Tagging Steam: Evaluating Accuracy of User Designated Tags PhD Candidate
Chao Shi WORKPLACE DIVERSITY: Productivity Enhancement Core and the Required Managerial Approaches Undergraduate Student
Sarah Young Not Always Visible: Chronic Illness and Inclusion in Library Workplaces Graduate Student

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The SOIS Research Committee determines the research award recipients based on the submissions’ merits in conjunction with vote data from the SOIS community.

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Voting will take place April 7 – 21, 2021



Annual SOIS Student Research Day

Each Spring Semester the SOIS Research Committee hosts the SOIS Student Research Day. Students are invited to submit paper proposals based on their research papers, critical literature surveys or designed research projects. Students may also submit poster proposals to share current works in progress. All proposals should be related to issues within the field of information studies. Student submissions can be unpublished or published. There are no restrictions on research methodology.

Call for Proposals

SOIS undergraduate and graduate students are invited to showcase their work by participating in the SOIS Student Virtual Research Day. Proposals should be based on students’ course projects or professional work. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, research projects, research papers, software applications, or research proposals. All student submissions will be presented online and online voting will take place between April 7 – 21, 2021. There will be one first place ($500) and two second place ($200) honors in each category (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) and winner profiles will be featured on the SOIS website.

Eligibility: registered undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students (including both onsite and distance students).
Group projects will be accepted.

Submission requirements: Students interested in participating must submit a proposal (Word file) that includes the following:

Title Page (one page only):

  • Author name(s) and e-mail address(es)
  • Title
  • Category (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student)
  • Type of submission (research project, research papers,
    software applications, research proposals, etc.)
  • Abstract


  • 5-10 pages (not including title page)
  • One and half spaced | 12pt font | 1 to 1.25 inch margin
  • If submission is for software application, the document may include introduction, screen shot(s), and link(s) (if applicable)

Call for Virtual Research Day Proposals

Proposal deadline: March 31, 2021
Online Voting begins: April 7, 2021
Click below for complete details and to submit your proposal online!


Call for Proposals

SOIS undergraduate and graduate students (including Ph.D students) are invited to showcase their research work by participating in the 2020 annual Student Research Day. Participation can take the form of either papers or posters based on students’ course projects or professional research work. Papers and posters may be on any topic germane to information studies and there will be no restrictions on research methodology being applied. Students whose paper proposals are accepted will be asked to deliver a 20-minute oral presentation. Poster presenters will discuss their research with interested attendees during the poster session. Group projects are welcome. Presentations can be livestreamed. Distance students are therefore encouraged to submit their work.

Prizes will be awarded for the top papers and posters, as adjudicated by a panel of SOIS faculty members.

We will provide limited financial supports for distance students who will present their research onsite. Feel free to apply.


Students interested in participating must submit a proposal (Word or pdf file) that includes the following:

  • Author name(s) and email address(es)
  • Undergraduate or graduate student status
  • Are you an online student living outside Milwaukee applying for financial support?
  • Type of project: paper or poster
  • Title of the project
  • Abstract of the research project (maximum 500 words)

Submissions due: Early April

Proposal submissions are due by early April and should be emailed to Dr. Mu (, Chairperson of the SOIS Research Committee.

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Research Committee and notifications of acceptance will be sent by mid April.

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Past Research Activity

2019 Student Research

Agenda & Presentations
 10:00 am Welcome Tomas A. Lipinski, Dean & Professor


 10:10 am “Digital Humanities Lab Presentation” Ann Hanlon, Head, Digital Collections and Initiatives and DH Lab
 10:20 am Keynote: “Pervasive Data Ethics for Computational Research” Dr. Michael Zimmer, Associate Professor
 10:50 am “Re-Examining Relevance and its Manifestation in Eye Tracking Context: A Comparative Study” Sukwon Lee, PhD Candidate
 11:20 am “Factors that Influence Undergraduates, Information Seeking, Judgment, and Document
Selection on the Internet. Pilot Study”
Musa Dauda Hassan, PhD Candidate
 11:50 am “Online For-Profit Colleges and Universities and the Evolving Role of Academic Librarianship” Bradley J. Wiles,, PhD Student
12:20 pm

Lunch &

Poster Session

“#PhDlife: What is Happening Right Now?” Meghan L. Dowell, PhD  Student
“Analysis of Consumer Health Information Websites: Mayo Clinic and WebMD” Musa Dauda Hassan, PhD Candidate
“Mapping the Prewar Apartment Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1875-1939” Benjamin P. Teel, MLIS Student


 1:00 pm “The Effects of Blockchain Technology Revolution on Banking” Naome A. Etori, MSIST Student
 1:30 pm “Controlling Queerness: Developing a Controlled Vocabulary for Milwaukee’s Queer Zine Archive Project” Sarah Cooke, MLIS Student
 2:00 pm “Using Google Translate to Compare Word Translation Between Online Translator and
Professor Interpreters”
Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, PhD Student, Nkauxue Lo, MHI Student
 2:30 pm Awards and Farewell
2018 Student Research

Agenda & Presentations
 9:00am Welcome Tomas A. Lipinski, Dean


 9:10am Keynote: “Toward a Model of Intercultural Warrant: A Case of Cross-cultural Adaptation of the Dewey Decimal Classification”

This talk reports on dissertation research from a mixed method study that investigated how a globalized knowledge organization (KO) system can be adapted into a culturally different regional environment and what are the impacts of sociocultural factors on the adaptation of the system. As a case that examined the localization of a global classification system, the study investigated the Korean Decimal Classification (KDC), which has served as the Korean national library classification.

Inkyung Choi, Doctoral Candidate
 9:40am “Privacy, Delisting, and Ethics in the Library” Katie Chamberlain Kritikos, Doctoral Candidate
 10:00am “Feminist Epistemologies and Library Classification: A Radical Reorientation” Sarah Cooke, MLIS Student
 10:20am “Difficulties and Challenges of Data Collection in Rural Communities in Nigeria/Africa” Musa Dauda Hassan, Doctoral Candidate

Break &

Poster Session

“Identifying Trends in Wikipedia’s Fascism Section Using Revision History Data” Eddie Chapman, MLIS Student
“Health Information Exchange: Policy Issues Affecting Interoperability Across State Lines” Michelle Hamberlin, Doctoral  Student
“Assessing the Implementation of CIPA-Mandated Internet Filtering in Wisconsin Public Libraries” Aubrey Huff, MLIS Student, Emily Bahling, BSIST Student
“Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA): An Analysis of the Discussions about Adult Patron Request to Remove Internet Filters” Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue MLIS/MSIST Student
“Analyzing Services Offered in Milwaukee Public Libraries with Data Science Tools” Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student, Johnny Vang, MLIS/MSIST Student, Benjamin Wilkey, MLIS Student
“Homongology: A Preliminary Research on the Need for Hmong Digital Libraries” Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student, Johnny Vang, MLIS/MSIST Student, Blia Mary Her, MSIST Student


 11:10am “Preserving the Context and Perspectives of the Past” Genevieve Kieffer, MLIS Student
 11:30am “Contributors of Wowhead: A Case Study of User Generated Information in Online Game Communities” Vanessa Marie Schlais, Doctoral Student
11:50am “A Pilot Study in Southeast Asia on How Locals Use Smart Phones to Access Online Markets and Participate in Social Commerce” Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue, MLIS/MSIST Student
 12:15pm Awards and Farewell


2017 Student Research

On March 31, 2017 the SOIS Research Committee hosted the Annual SOIS Student Research Conference. Students submitted paper and poster proposals based on their research papers, critical literature surveys or designed research projects.

Agenda & Presentations ( .pdf )

Shannon Crawford Barniskis, Doctoral Student
Keynote: “Convivial Making: Power and the Library Faith in Public Library Creative Spaces”

Sukwon Lee, Doctoral Student
“Relevance Judgment and Eye-Tracking Related Studies: A Review of the Literature and a Framework”

Musa D. Hassan, Doctoral Student
“Information Needs, Seeking, and Searching Behavior among African Refugees and Immigrants in the Milwaukee Area”

Karina Renee Hightower, BSIST Student
“Welcome to”

Inkyoung Choi, Doctoral Student
“Map of cross-cultural bibliographic classifications: the adaptation of the DDC into the Korean Decimal Classification”

Treshani Perera, MLIS Student
“Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS) in Audio-Visual Digital Collections”

Ann Hanlon, Digital Collections and Initiatives and DH Lab
Special Guest: “What Is Research in the Digital Humanities: An Introduction”

Katie Chamberlain Kritikos, Doctoral Student
“Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Libraries: The Case of BiblioCommons”

Phyllis Reske, MLIS Student
“Working title: Archivist as ‘Legal Eagle’: Examining the Access and Privacy Protocols for Institutional Records”

2016 Student Research

On April 22, 2016 the SOIS Research Committee hosted the Annual SOIS Student Research Conference. Students submitted paper and poster proposals based on their research papers, critical literature surveys or designed research projects.

Agenda & Presentations ( .pdf )

Melissa Davey Castillo & Hye Jung Han
Universal Accessibility of Digital Libraries

Sukwon Lee
The Importance of External Validity

Randy Smith
Human Selection and Digitized Archival Collections

Shaochen Lee
Chinese User Group and U.S. Academic Libraries

Jennifer Thiele
Information Access in Rural Areas of the United States

Poster Presentations

Anne Esplin
Size of Public Libraries’ Programming Budgets and Overall Satisfaction with Library Programming

Deronica Goldsmith
A Study of Searches for Archival Materials in Primo
Below are a few photos from the day.

A Study of Searches for Archival Materials in Primo, Deronica Goldsmith

Information Access in Rural Areas of the United States, Jennifer Thiele

Human Selection and Digitized Archival Collections, Randy Smith

Chinese User Group and U.S. Academic Libraries, Shaochen Liu

The Importance of External Validity, Sukwon Lee

SRD-Han-SM SRD-HanCastillo-SM
Universal Accessibility of Digital Libraries, Melissa Davey Castillo & Hye Jung Han

2013 Student Research
Doaa Elpery
Automation of libraries in South Valley University in Egypt

Doaa Elpery & SHaban Khalifa
Development to periodicals in libraries of colleges in two Egyptian Universities

Emma Molls
Open Access as Application: A Model for Graduate Courses at SOIS

Jihee Beak
Emotion-centered model of children’s book selection behaviors and metadata

Mary Johnston
Evaluating the search features and design of the visual catalogue VisualDx

Anastasia Hanson
Cloud computing in the library context

Anthony Ferrari
A new age: Social business

Babajide Ajibade
Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing

Blong Yang
How mobile technology is changing the business world

Curt Klotz
Mobile technology: Asset and hindrance

John Nook
Social business models: The future of corporate social responsibility

Karl Gratke
Virtual desktop infrastructure: Savings with a virtual desktop

Logan Kennelly
Mobile technology: Is mobile technology driving young people to an early grave?

Matthew Her
Mobile Technology: Ipads/Tablets, Gett’em or Get Rid of ‘em

Natalie DeJonghe
To See and Be Seen: Examining differences between patron perception of librarians and librarian self-perception

Nicole May
Discovering Regalos: A case study of Notre Dame Middle School

Elizabeth Goodrich
Documenting the ephemeral: An exploration of the Performing Arts Archive

Emma Molls & Kadie Seitz
A Case Study of Labor Collections at Selected Milwaukee and Madison Area Libraries]

Karen Pundsack
Hennepin County Outreach Services: An Award-winning Service Model Bringing the Library to the Community

Soohyung Joo
How Do Users’ Search Tactic Selections Influence Search Outputs in Exploratory Search Tasks?

Susan Garwood
Technology in the library: A barrier to access for senior users

2012 Student Research
Hye Jung Han
Usability Study on Mobile Academic Library Web Sites

Kyle Vanderkin
Watson in the Library: IBM’s DeepQA and the Future of Information Retrieval

Adriana McCleer
Dismantling Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American Studies Program: A Literature Review and Critical Analysis

Tina J. Jayroe
Enriching Digital Objects using Crowdsourced and Traditional Metadata for Knowledge Discovery

Wendy Rondeau
The Life-World in the Library’s Backroom: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Indexer’s Lived Experience of Aboutness Determination

Carol Sabbar
When Language Causes Shifts: A Study of Shifts in Information-Seeking Strategies in Scholarly Research

Chunsheng Huang
Users’ Features of Image Similarities

2011 SLIS/SOIS Research Forum
Suyu Lin, PhD Student
A Comparative Study on Institutional Repository (IR): Comparing the U.S. and Taiwan

Troy Espe, Graduate Student
E-Allies: How Libraries and Newspapers Can Align in the Information Age

Karen Davies, Assistant Prof.
The Skills and Knowledge Required by Health Information Professionals in the USA

Catherine Arnott Smith, Assistant Prof.
Kristin Eschenfelder, Associate Prof. Public Libraries as Financial Literacy Providers

Jihee Beak, PhD Student
Comparison of LC subject headings and LibraryThing tags in GLBTQ YA fiction

Shannon Crawford Barniskis, Graduate Student
Graffiti, Poetry, Dance: How Public Library Art Programs Affect Teens

Nathan R. Johnson, PhD Student
Passing the ACID Test: Rhetorics of Web Standardization

Dalal Albudaiwi, PhD Student
The Impact of the Internet on the Islamic Society: A Discussion of the Ethical Dilemmas

Tom Walker, Associate Prof.
Celsus: A Library Architecture Wiki

Marta L. Magnuson, PhD Student
SOIS Aligning Technology with Learning Objectives: Student use of Glogster to Summarize and Critique Academic Journal Articles

Lucy Kelly, Graduate Student
SOIS Tracking the Effects of Mortgage Foreclosure on Communities in the United States

Toni Streckert, Graduate Student
SLIS Developing Community Partnerships, and Special Collections: A Key to Surviving Hard Times in Public Libraries

Soohyung Joo & Chunsheng Huang, PhD Students
SOIS System Analysis of Digital Libraries: A Practical Manual for Digital Collection Development Projects

Jim Schultz, Undergraduate Student & IT Staff
SOIS To the Cloud! Wait . . . It can’t be THAT easy.

Margaret E I Kipp, Assistant Prof. & Kun Lu, PhD Student
SOIS Retrieval Effectiveness of Tags and Author Keywords

Margaret E I Kipp, Assistant Prof. & Soohyung Joo, PhD Student
SOIS Semantic Structure of Consumer Health Information Web Resources Tagged on

Kristin Eschenfelder, Associate Prof. & Andrew Johnson, Graduate Student
SLIS The Limits of Data Sharing

Kun Lu, PhD Student
SOIS Generate an Author Map Based on Author Vectors

Melissa Adler, PhD Student
SLIS The Social Construction of Sexual Deviance at the Library of Congress

Peter Lor, Visiting Prof.
SOIS Naive empiricism in comparative LIS

Michelle Caswell, PhD Student
SLIS From Egypt with Love, . . . Maybe: Archival Authenticity in the Global Digital Age

Dietmar Wolfram, Interim Dean
SOIS Aspects of Citer Analysis as a Complement to Citation Analysis

Mei Zhang, PhD Student
SLIS Research on License Analysis for e-Journal Perpetual Access

Joyce M. Latham, Assistant Prof.
SOIS Who Runs the Public Library?

2010 Student Research Symposium
Kun Lu
Can Social Tagging Improve Retrieval Performance: An Experimental Study on Medical Collection

Soohyung Joo
Two Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Informetrics Studies: A Comparison of MDS and SEM

Lucio Campanelli
Interface Visualization Evaluation for Project Management on Mobile Devices

Jihee Beak
Analysis of Metadata Schemas for Children’s Libraries

Addie Mrosla
PocketKnowledge: Purpose & Use Analysis

Karen Hiebert and Rae Schneider
How Do They Measure Up? An Evaluation of Virtual Reference Services of Academic and Public Libraries

Edward Benoit, III
Digital Librarians’ Perceptions of Social Tagging, its Potential use, Benefits, and Limitations

Shannon Barniskis
Public Practitioner-Researchers: A Call for Research Informed by Praxis

Chunsheng Huang
Survey Study of International Activities and Relations of National Libraries

Dalal Al-Budaiwi
Freedom of Expression in Muslim Society

Cletus Kuunifaa
Access to Information: An Index for Transparency in Governance in Ghana?

Carmen Orth-Alfie
Analysis of Practice and Policies Related to the Use of Images in Art History ETDs and the Applicability of the Best Practices in Fair Use Model

Liza Barry-Kessler
Designing Privacy into the Internet: 1969-1979

Heather Jett
Documenting Ourselves: Feminist Activism and 21st Century Librarianship

2009 Student Research Symposium

Peter LorCOMPARISONS ARE ODOROUS: Comparison in Science and the Science of Comparison

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter J Lor, D.Phil.
Visiting Professor, School of Information Studies
Past Secretary General, International Federated Library Association (IFLA); Past National Library of South Africa

Student Presentations:

Lucio Campanelli & Dan Rude, MLIS Students
Adaptive Browsing for a Community Database

Kun Lu, PhD Student
Ideal Matching, Real Matching: A Model

Tim Blomquist, MLIS Student
Findings from a Survey of Wisconsin Public Library Services for the Homeless Population

Lauree Garcia Hart, PhD Student
The Efficacy of Infodemiology in Tracking H1N1

Jo Ellen Darnton, BSIR Student

Chunsheng Huang, PhD Student
Digital Archives of Taiwan Agricultural History During the Japanese Colonial Period: Phase I

Jihee Beak, MLIS Student
The relationship between the school library media specialist’s working environment and the level of information organization in a visual search in an OPAC system

Taryn Sauer, PhD Student & Recent MLIS Graduate
Asking Smart Questions: How Question Type and Form Affect Answer Quality on Q&A Web Sites

Hohyon Ryu, MLIS Student & Kun Lu, PhD Student
Building an Augmented Index for Genomic Information Retrieval