International Partnerships & Exchanges

With an expanding global network, SOIS currently has connections with 13 universities throughout the world.  These partnerships include a range of study abroad programs, student and faculty exchanges, and research collaborations.

International Institutions

South Africa

University of Pretoria
School of Information Technology
Pretoria, South Africa

SOIS’ sister school in South Africa, this is a very high priority relationship. With a formal agreement in place and several SOIS faculty members coming from Pretoria, opportunities for research and scholarship are plentiful. Each January, SOIS sponsors a study abroad program in conjunction with Pretoria. Faculty and students should also consider attending conferences that are held each year at Pretoria.

Activities: Study Abroad, Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Dr. Jacques du Plessis |
Dr. Shana Ponelis |



Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
School of Informatics, Communications, and Media
Hagenburg, Austria

One of SOIS’ original sister institutions, the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences gives wonderful opportunities for students. Each fall, SOIS sends students to Austria in an exchange partnership that has been very successful and promises to continue for many more years. The two institutions have also had a long-standing history of faculty exchanges and conference-sharing.

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities, Study Abroad

Contact:  Chad Zahrt |


University of Applied Sciences
Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, Germany

The partnership with the University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel presents a fantastic opportunity for students seeking a joint Master’s program. SOIS and Wolfenbüttel have signed a Letter of Intent to offer credit for similar courses. Archives students should also be aware that the town of Wolfenbüttel is home to the Herzog August Library, which houses one of the largest collections of works from the Middle Ages and early modern Europe.

Activities: Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Johannes Britz |


University of Amsterdam
Department of Information Science
Amsterdam, Holland

Though there is no formal agreement in place, the University of Amsterdam could offer students and faculty excellent research opportunities. Working closely with other European institutions the University of Amsterdam is a top-notch university with a sterling reputation.

Activities: Student Exchanges, Faculty Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Johannes Britz |


Renmin University
School of Library and Information Science
Beijing, China

Located in China’s bustling capitol of Beijing, Renmin is particularly known for its archives and records management program. SOIS and Renmin have recently engaged in talks that could lead to new student exchanges and the eventual signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. With that an MOU in place, ample research opportunities are sure to follow.

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Dietmar Wolfram |

Wuhan University

School of Information Management
Wuhan, China

Highly regarded Wuhan University has been a partner with SOIS in the past and will continue to benefit from cooperation in the future. The only iSchool in China, it has a strong reputation in information retrieval and organization. Although student exchanges are rare, Wuhan and SOIS are currently working on exploring new options for students.

Activities: Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Jin Zhang |

Xidian University
School of Economics and Management
Xi’an, China

Another recent partnership, Xidian presents an interesting opportunity for students: persons with interest in information organization and retrieval as it relates to business should consider exploring research possibilities with Xidian. Officials at Xidian have expressed interest in future collaborations and talks with the university will undoubtedly proceed.

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Dietmar Wolfram |


Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea

As one of the top library and information science schools in the country, Yonsei University presents excellent opportunities for SOIS students. In the past SOIS and Yonsei have run study abroad and exchange programs. Yonsei offers excellent language courses and provides welcoming hospitality. Research opportunities are also available.

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities


National Taiwan University
Department of Library and Information Science
Taipei, Taiwan

Recognized as one of Taiwan’s most prestigious institutions, National Taiwan University and SOIS have an emerging partnership, especially in the area of information organization. Although no formal agreements are in place yet, research opportunities could be had especially for MLIS and PhD students.

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Hur-li Lee |

National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan Normal University and SOIS have a long track-record of successful student exchanges. A willing partner, National Taiwan Normal University has the ability to take in American undergraduate and graduate students – the school also has an excellent language program – although students usually need to apply through UWM’s Center for International Education (CIE).

Activities: Faculty Exchanges, Student Exchanges, Research Opportunities

Contact: Dr. Hur-li Lee |

International Visiting Scholars

Each year, SOIS welcomes scholars from around the world to visit, research and collaborate with our students, faculty, and staff.
Please see our current list of visiting scholars

Study Abroad Programs

International Experiences and Study Abroad programs provide an experience that will enhance a student’s education personally, professionally, and socially. For information on international programs organized by SOIS, please visit our International Experiences & Study Abroad Opportunities page: