Juliana Lisser

Adjunct Instructor


MSIST, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (2018)
B.S Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2016)


Juliana has substantial field experience in analytics, business intelligence and data science since graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Mathematics. Her primary focus in Mathematics included data modeling and optimization using computer algorithms.
After completing her undergraduate program, Juliana returned to UW-M to complete the new MSIST program and focus on honing her skills in data science and data management. Since completing this program she has facilitated large data migrations, architecture overhalls, and non-structured big data pipeline development. In the ever changing landscape of data, Juliana has chosen to focus her time on automated cleaning systems for pre-pipeline ingestion using data science techniques and principles.


INFOST 410 - Database Information and Retrieval Systems