New Interim Associate Dean Begins at SOIS

School of Information Studies

On Tuesday, June 1st, 2010, Dr. Gwat-Yong Lie commenced her responsibilities as Interim Associate Dean of the School of Information Studies (SOIS) at UW-Milwaukee. Dr. Lie was appointed Interim Associate Dean after Dr. Hope A. Olson took over as Interim Dean of the School of Information Studies in early May.

Lie comes from the Helen Bader School of Social Work where she has served as Associate Professor since 1996. She also has experience in administration, having served as Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Student Services for the Graduate School at UWM. At the Helen Bader School of Social Work, Lie has dedicated her career to pursuing social advocacy and activism. She has been very effective in winning grants and attracting funding to UWM.

Since 2001, she has been Principal Investigator and Project Administrator for a joint UWM-City of Milwaukee partnership to study child welfare. She has also worked with Health Care for the Homeless in Milwaukee to study and prevent addiction and substance abuse.

“The service component of social work and library science was one of the big reasons we chose Dr. Lie,” said Olson. “Dr. Lie’s track-record for community service is unmatched.”

Lie’s duties at SOIS will be to work with faculty in the areas of research and funding. Since 2008, SOIS has begun to cultivate three distinct research tracks: information policy, information organization and information retrieval. The school, along with the university, has made significant strides in achieving acclaim as a research institution.

“Dr. Lie’s experience at the Graduate School can help us immensely” said Interim Dean Olson. “As we work towards re-accreditation with the American Library Associate (ALA), Dr. Lie will continue to help promote our research agenda. We anticipate that with her commitment to academic and community outreach, she will provide great leadership and insights for SOIS.”