MLIS Program Reaccredited by the American Library Association

The American Library Association recently granted continuing accreditation status to the UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies for its Masters in Library and Information Studies degree program.

Comprehensive accreditation reviews occur every seven years. They involve a self-evaluation process and an external review by ALA’s Committee on Accreditation. Reaccreditation indicates that a program conforms to ALA standards regarding systematic planning, curriculum, finances, and resources.

In their final decision letter, ALA COA Chair Terry Weech noted, “the decision to grant Continued accreditation to the program was based on the totality of the accomplishment and the environment for learning rather than from a consideration of the isolated particulars.”

SOIS is recognized among the top Library & Information Studies programs in the nation. U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate Programs” ranks our library program as 14th best in the nation. We also rank 4th internationally and 2nd in the U.S. and Canada in contributions to Library & Information Studies literature.

SOIS Dean Tom Lipinski says, “the continuing accreditation affirms that our MLIS degree produces quality graduates prepared to enter a variety of information settings and succeed in those settings. The strength of the programs rests on a firm foundation of dedicated and productive faculty and instructional and support staff.  This is a moment we can all be proud of our accomplishments and look forward to future opportunities.”

Earning ALA reaccreditation involves the effort of the entire SOIS community. The School would like to extend our most profound thanks and gratitude to the UWM campus administration, UWM Libraries and the very supportive SOIS faculty, staff, students, and alumni who assisted us in our journey over the past eighteen months.