Min Sook Park: “Self-Monitoring Support Application for Adults with Diabetes and Hypertension” (NIH funded project, 2021-2023)

School of Information Studies

Self-Monitoring Support Application for Adults with Diabetes and Hypertension

NIH/NINR R21NR019707, 2021-2023

Hyunkyoung Oh (PI), Jake Luo , Min Sook Park, Jeffrey Whittle, Iqbal Ahamed, Younjoo Cho


Dr. Min Sook Park is a Co-PI on a National Institute of Health (NIH) funded research project  (approximately US$441,000). This project aims to develop a voice-activated self-monitoring support application on a smart speaker platform to promote self-management and patient-provider communication for adults with co-existing hypertension and diabetes. This application is significant not only for focusing on a topic with broad health inequities but also for addressing highly burdensome, prevalent, and costly conditions with an innovative mHealth approach. Dr. Park leads smart notes development in the project which employs a biomedical ontology to record lifestyle-related episodes that could result in unusual values of biomarkers and smart speech reminders.