KORG Mission

Contributing to Knowledge:
To facilitate the discovery and development of knowledge in the field of knowledge organization by established researchers and new scholars in library and information studies and related disciplines.
Scientific Excellence:
To do quality work in an ethical manner. To work with a positive attitude, keeping eyes and ears open for new research possibilities.
To promote inter-institutional, interdisciplinary, and international approaches to knowledge organization.
Social Responsibility:
To develop a more in-depth and nuanced understanding of knowledge organization and its contribution to equitable access to information.
To share the results of our research with both scholarly (including student) and practitioner audiences and to facilitate dissemination of the research of others in knowledge organization.

KORG News & Events

KORG Events

icon-teamwork-blueKOrg is dedicated to scientific excellence, cooperation, social responsibility, and dissemination of research. Each semester KOrg invites students, faculty and scholars in the field of knowledge organization to participate in lectures and presentations.  Check back for details on upcoming events. View Past KOrg Events >>

KORG News & Announcements

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