Dr. Tomas A. Lipinski Honored with 2018 GreyNet Award

On December 2, 2018, Dr. Tomas A. Lipinski was honored with the 2018 GreyNet Award for his work in the field of grey literature at the GreyNet Annual Award Dinner in New Orleans. Dr. Lipinski is the most recent recipient of this honor which is awarded in recognition for support and achievements in the field of Gray Literature as well as contributions in sustaining the growth and development of the International Grey Literature Network Services.

Presentation of the award was made by Dr. Dominic Farace, Director of GreyNet International who said of Tom, “GreyNet is fortunate to have one so actively involved in our community of practice. Working with [Tom] over the years has been rewarding as well as enjoyable”. He goes on to say, ” [Tom] is a true colleague and a tremendous asset to the international grey literature community.”

“I am honored to receive the 2018 GreyNet Award in the year of the 20th Annual Grey Literature conference. Being involved in a such a supportive and welcoming group of practitioners and scholars has not only been rewarding but has provided the opportunity to collaborate and co-author with former students, SOIS alums and other international researchers over the years. With ever more grey literature and now grey data becoming available on the Internet research into best practices, policy, storage, access, retrieval and other issues is needed. I am honored to be recognized for contributions to that growing body of work.”
~Tomas A. Lipinski

More information can be found at http://www.greynet.org/greynetmembership/annualaward.html

Dean Tomas A. Lipinski & Katherine A. Henderson Present at the GL20 Conference

Dean Tomas A. Lipinski and Kat Henderson (MLIS 2003) were among the presenters at the Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature (GL20) held at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA on December 3-4, 2018.

The conference which was titled, Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature, covered topics from Data Management and the Role of Librarians to Research Data and Open Access Compliance. Dr. Lipinski and Ms. Henderson’s presentation was titled, Legal Issues Surrounding the Collection, Use and Access to Grey Data in the University Setting; How Data Policies Reflect the Political Will of Organizations.

You may view their presentation below.
Complete details can be found online: https://av.tib.eu/media/39631

For a complete list of all presentations from the 2018 GL20 Conference. Please visit: https://av.tib.eu/series/600/gl+20+twentieth+international+conference+on+grey+literature