Dr Rafael Capurro joins SOIS as Distinguished Researcher

School of Information Studies
[Image] Dr Rafael Capurro joins SOIS as Distinguished Researcher

Dr. Rafeal Capurro has joined the School of Information Studies (SOIS) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) as Distinguished Researcher in the area of Information Ethics and will take up his post in Spring 2010.

As founder and director of the International Center for Information Ethics, Dr. Capurro is world-renowned for his work in ethics and information policy. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Düsseldorf University and has done extensive research in the areas of bioethics, information management and the philosophy of media. His research has been published extensively in prominent publications around the world. Dr. Capurro has also given lectures around the world discussing the ethical impact that information technology has on human practice. For the past two years, he has also served as the director of the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Information Ethics (STI-IE) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Most recently, Dr. Capurro has given a series of presentations in Japan on intercultural ethics and robotics.

Dr. Capurro joins the Center for Information Policy Research (CIPR) and will further enhance the school’s reputation as a leader in the area of Information Ethics. With current faculty such as Drs. Thomas Lipinski, Peter Lor, Elizabeth Buchanan, and Dick Kawooya in place, the addition of Dr. Capurro raises SOIS above all other schools in North America in this area of expertise.

“We’re very excited to have Dr. Capurro working with us at SOIS,” said Dean Johannes Britz. “He brings a wealth of experience to an already sterling corps of academics. Dr. Capurro will work closely with the other researchers at CIPR to cement the school’s reputation in the area of information ethics. With the addition of Dr. Capurro, we are definitively the nation’s premiere library and information science program specializing in information ethics.”