Apply for financial aid (if applicable)

Apply for financial aid (if applicable) Apply for financial aid online at Designate UWM as a recipient using the Title IV code 003896. The results of your FAFSA (called a Student Aid Report or SAR) will be emailed or mailed to you within three weeks of filing. More information can be found on the UWM Financial Aid website: Financial Aid Information ( Once you have been awarded financial aid, you will have to officially accept it in PAWS, see: Accepting Your Award ( or PAWS Financial Aid Tutorial (

Military and Veteran Student Information | UW-Milwaukee Veterans

Visit the UWM Military and Veterans website which includes information on MEBO (Military Education Benefits Office) ( ).

Sign up for classes

You must complete the Panther Enrollment Checklist in PAWS as soon as possible in order to be able to register. See: One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services (

It is recommended that you complete all required courses starting with 501 and continuing with 511, 571; and 799 which should be taken during one of your two final semesters.  Please visit the UWM SOIS Graduate Degree Program Information ( and refer to the UWM Graduate School ( for information on the School and University master’s requirements.

PantherCard for Online Students

See: One-stop Online Student Guidance ( If you are a student enrolled only in online courses, you can still obtain a PantherCard as a way of verifying your affiliation with UW-Milwaukee. The PantherCard for online-only students contains the student’s name and campus ID number but will not provide a student photo so must be presented with a driver’s license or other form of photo ID when used. To obtain your Panther ID card, send the following information to

  • Full legal name
  • Month and date of birth
  • Campus ID number

Check your campus email via Office 365 ( All official UWM communication is done with you via your UWM email, so be sure to monitor this account, which will be available to you once you’ve registered for courses. Easy access via the UWM Homepage or click on the link above. To log in you need to know your ePanther ID and password. These are the same credentials you used to log in to PAWS. If you have problems with your ePanther ID or password, please visit the UWM Help Desk ( or call (414) 229-4040.

Log in to D2L

UWM Desire2Learn (D2L) is the UWM web-based learning environment. All UWM courses in which you are enrolled, including online and onsite courses, should appear in D2L by the first day of classes. You can easily access D2L via the UWM Homepage, or by going directly to UWM D2L Site ( To log in to D2L, you need to know your ePanther ID and Password. These are the same credentials you used to log in to PAWS. If you have problems with your ePanther ID or Password, please contact the UWM Help Desk ( or call (414) 229-4040.

Get your textbooks

Instructors list the required texts for each class in their syllabus. The syllabus may sometimes be posted as a PDF attachment in the UWM Schedule of Classes ( It can also usually be found in D2L before the start of each semester.Books can be purchased online at the UWM Campus Virtual Bookstore at UWM Virtual Bookstore ( . Students will be able to order books online any time of the day and delivered directly to their residence with free, two-day shipping. Outside sources may also be used.

Pay your tuition

Eligible students who wish to participate in the tuition installment payment plan, must pay at least $100.00 toward their tuition charges by the tuition due date. Important tuition information can be found at: Business & Financial Services (

Tuition for SOIS online graduate courses for the current academic year is $800.00/credit. Most courses are 3 credits ($2,400.00). Please note: The online course tuition is the ONLY tuition charged for online courses. This amount is paid in lieu of onsite resident tuition. For online courses, students pay roughly the equivalent of a 3 credit course for in-state/off-campus tuition regardless of whether or not you are a resident of Wisconsin.

Last Updated | July 2017