The Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC) was founded by students and opened its doors in September 2012. The IEC’s mission is to promote student development and engage the campus community on the topics of diversity, equity and social justice.

Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC) 30-second spiel1

The IEC is a diversity and social justice office

  • Diversity2 is not the same as Inclusion3

The IEC encourages and facilitates opportunities for students to talk across cultures through groups, games and class

If any UWM student encounters or witnesses discrimination or bias, they can come to the IEC for assistance to address or report it

  • Just Words Posters
  • Bystander Intervention

The IEC serves all students, there are a couple groups that we direct extra attention toward, and they are: students from low-income/poor/working poor/blue collar backgrounds, first-generation students, undocumented students and students from varied faith/philosophical/religious/spiritual backgrounds (interfaith). The Lawton Scholarship program also operates out of the IEC.

Extra Information:

Programming is always done in partnership, one example is International Coffee Hour that has coffee, tea and snacks while learning about a new culture or part of the world

  • Spring 2018, April’s feature is Guatemala

* And at the request of Sam Wong “Boom, Boom, Boom” – typed while laughing

1 A fast story or speech.
2 Differences that can be used to help people learn.
3 Active engagement with diversity to increase awareness and/or knowledge as well as skills.