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  • What is Title IX?

Title IX (Title Nine) is a federal law which prohibits sex discrimination.

  • What is sex discrimination?

Sex discrimination can includes sexual harassment, sexual violence, and any other sex-based misconduct, relationship violence, discrimination based on pregnancy, and the failure to provide equal opportunity in all areas of schooling (admissions, educational programs, activities, athletics, etc.)

My rights have been violated/I witnessed sex-based misconduct/I received information about an experience of sex-based misconduct.

Contact UWM’s Title IX Coordinator (Phone: 414-229-5923/Location: Mitchell Hall 359)


Contact a UWM Title IX Deputy 

Reporting Anonymously:

An individual may report the incident anonymously without disclosing their name, identifying the respondent or requesting action. UWM will respond to the best of their ability based on the information provided – however, due to the nature of an anonymous report, that action may be limited.