Refugee Health


Centers for Disease Control

Depression Screening Tool: PHQ9

PTSD Screening Tool

Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center

Refugee Health – Vancouver
A website of Bridge Refugee Clinic, Vancouver Coastal Health in Vancouver, BC. Includes links to Cultural Profiles and translated Patient Handouts.
NOTE: Any government policies/resources are those of Canada, and do not apply to the United States.


Refugee Health by Country

CDC: Burmese Refugee Health Profile

CDC: Iraqi Refugee Health Profile

Stratis Health Culture Care Connection:
Somalis in Minnesota – Common medical issues and cultural concerns of Somali patients

CDC: Syrian Refugee Health Profile

Burma (the Karen people group)
CDC: “Promoting Cultural Sensitivity: A Practical Guide for Tuberculosis Programs Providing Services to Karen Persons from Burma”


Country/Culture Resources

Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center
(Note: these are archives, no longer being updated)

CIA World Factbook
CIA-maintained country profiles covering Geography, People & Society, Government, Economy, Energy, Communications, Transportation, Military & Security, and Transnational Issues.

BBC News Country Profiles
Up-to-date country histories & culture synopses

WHO Country Health Profiles
Health news and stats for various countries

EthnoMed – Cultures
Note regarding “Cultural profiles”: Check “last updated” dates. Main page ( has more recent items.



Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council Quick Reference Guides
PDF guide of potential healthcare conflicts in various religions. Alphabetized by religion.

Religion Facts
Links to overview of various religions, including history and beliefs.


Office of Refugee Resettlement

Office of Refugee Resettlement

WI Department of Children and Families: Refugee Programs

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Volunteer Agencies (VOLAGs)

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

International Institute of Wisconsin

Pan-African Community Association

Lutheran Social Services WI

Catholic Charities



International Rescue Committee
IRC is a 501(c)(3) organization.
From the website: “The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster.”

United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
A 501(c)(3)
International Institute of Wisconsin is a network agency of USCRI.
From website: “We advance the rights and lives of those who have been forcibly or voluntarily uprooted. For over 100 years, the unwavering commitment of our leadership, team, network of service providers, and advocates has helped redirect the destiny of countless vulnerable lives.”

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