Sarwat Sharif

Research Assistant

Sarwat Sharif is a research assistant with the Institute for Child and Family Well-Being. She is working on Project Safe Neighborhood: Welcome Home and Smart Reentry. Her interests included international development, peacebuilding, and trauma-informed care practices.

Sarwat has approximately fifteen years of experience, working in Pakistan, Turkey, and Kenya on various projects, mentoring the community members through participatory engagement. Her research takes a transdisciplinary approach to address complex social issues through a global lens. She is motivated to address the gaps in targeted school violence (TSV) policies and practices, especially school shootings. She aims to advance research in trauma-informed practices to help mitigate the effects of TSV among children and adolescents by taking a human-centered approach. She previously received master’s degrees in Computer Science, Sustainable Peacebuilding, and Social Work.