Danielle Romain Dagenhardt, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Danielle Romain Dagenhardt is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology. Dr. Romain Dagenhardt's primary research focuses on decision-making in criminal courts, as well as the experiences of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. With ICFW, Dr. Romain Dagenhardt is a part of the evaluation team for Milwaukee County’s Family Drug Treatment Court (FDTC). She previously served as a member of the evaluation team for the Family Peace Center Model for Addressing Polyvictimization.

Dr. Romain Dagenhardt has previous experience as a victims' advocate working with domestic violence victims to meet their safety, housing, and referral needs. She has assisted on evaluations of programs aimed at increasing juvenile’s perceptions of police, as well as examining disparities in prosecutorial and judicial case processing in Midwestern and Southwestern jurisdictions. Her dissertation examined sanctioning decisions in domestic violence probation review hearings along the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, and family status. Dr. Romain Dagenhardt holds a Ph.D. in urban studies  and a master’s degree in criminal justice both from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.