2022 Year in Review

This past year we celebrated the conclusion of some of our seminal projects such as our Trauma and Recovery Project, Birth to Three Social-Emotional Innovation Evaluation, and Family Drug Treatment Court Evaluation, and the launch of new projects that seek to strengthen families and the systems that support them such as our Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities initiative, Wisconsin Child Welfare and Home Visiting Data Project, Coordinated State Evaluation of Family Engagement and Health Equity, and JobsWork MKE. As we reflect on the past five years of the Trauma and Recovery Project and the potential of our new initiatives and projects, we recognize and honor the enormous value of the relationships that we have developed over these years that make possible the advancing of our mission to promote the well-being of all children and families by addressing barriers that result in unequal access to the best available care and solutions. As we embark on these new opportunities, we will continue to strengthen those relationships, learn from our partners’ research and lived experience, and aspire to translate what we learn into prevention and intervention strategies that make a real difference in people’s lives. The list of agencies and stakeholders who deserve our gratitude is too long to acknowledge here, but we invite you to check out our project pages where you will find many of our key partners.

As we begin 2023 – our seventh year as the Institute – our aim is to strengthen these alliances and forge new community connections that are necessary to disseminate effective strategies and produce lasting systems and community change. So take a moment to review what we learned and accomplished in 2022, and check out our newsletter, social media, webpage, and SFTCCC signup to learn more about what we are doing and how you can join us.

Meet the New ICFW Team Members

We welcomed new team members and roles to the Institute this year. Learn more about them here.

ICFW Announces New Initiative and Podcast

We are excited to announce the Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities (SFTCCC) initiative and our Overloaded: Understanding Neglect podcast.

The goal of the Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities (SFTCCC) initiative is to reduce the number of family separations for reasons of neglect by building a community focused on collaboratively pursuing policies and practices that support overloaded families and address systemic failings.

The Overloaded: Understanding Neglect podcast represents the important first step of building a shared understanding of the problem and will serve as a foundation for future innovations in practice, policy, and systems change.

Subscribe and listen wherever you find your podcasts or at this link here.

ICFW Dissemination in 2022: New Journal Articles and Webinars

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