2020 Year in Review

At the Institute for Child and Family Well-being, we recognize that COVID-19 has created challenges during this past year that require innovative practices and policies that draw on established evidence to provide the best possible care to our community, and opportunities to learn from those practices and policies that may lead to more resilient and supportive communities in the future. As we reflect on this past year, we have deepened our commitment to strong community and systems partnerships, research and evaluation, and adaptation and innovation to meet the needs of our clients and community, so that we may ultimately improve child and family well-being.

We are excited to remain steadfast in these commitments and to continue this journey as we celebrate our 5th anniversary later this year. So take a moment to review what we learned and accomplished in 2020, and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements for our events that will celebrate our five years of partnership as the Institute for Child and Family Well-being.

Meet the 2020 ICFW Affiliates

As Community Engagement and Systems Change are a core service area of the ICFW, collaboration with our community and systems partners is critical to fulfilling our mission. In recognition of those that value collaboration and whose mission seeks to improve child and family well-being, we have invited those partners to join us as ICFW Affiliates. We were honored to introduce three ICFW Affiliates in 2020 and are looking forward to expanding our affiliates in 2021.

Penny Dixon is the Shelter Manager at the Milwaukee Women’s Center, a division of Community Advocates
Tim Grove is a senior consultant at SaintA
Reggie Moore serves as the Injury and Violence Prevention Director of the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP)







Confronting COVID-19

COVID-19 placed unique and unprecedented stress on families, staff, and communities while also exacerbating already existing health and economic disparities. Read some of our articles that illustrate how we responded to COVID-19 and its challenges this past year.

New Webinars in 2020

From Trauma Screening to Authentic Community Engagement, Housing as a Pathway to Prevent Maltreatment and Executive Functioning for Child and Family Well-being, check out our conversations with the ICFW team and community and national experts on these important issues.

To learn more, explore the webinars here. 

ICFW Publications in 2020: New Journal Articles, Reports and Practice Briefs

New Projects and Partnerships

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