What You Need to Do To Prepare For Account Closure

It is important to prepare now for restricted access and impending
account closure of your services. Retention of applicable business processes and/or data should be considered. Your personal data will be removed. Following are some recommendations.

  • Files and/or data you have maintained and wish to keep as part of these ePanther services should be immediately moved to personal storage or forwarded to another service provider. This includes any e-mail or calendar events stored in Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), files stored in OneDrive, coursework in D2L, website files, data contained in the UWM Survey Instrument, etc. Once the services associated with your ePanther account are closed at the end of the semester, your data will be removed and will not be retrievable. Any resources used in the business of or files required by departments should be shared with qualified personnel in the department to ensure their continued use.
  • If you are actively using your Microsoft 365 e-mail and calendar
    services, notify individuals that your o365 service account will
    be closing. This can be done using the o365 automated response
    feature described on this web page: https://kb.uwm.edu/page.php?id=45433
    Note this automated notification will only be in effect until your
    account is closed at the end of the semester. If you are still using the
    calendar feature, move or replicate all your calendar appointments to a non-UWM calendar service.
  • If you are the owner of continuing Microsoft 365 Shared Mailboxes you should update their ownership. See this web page for instructions:
  • If you schedule continuing Microsoft 365 Calendar Resources, see this web page for information on how the scheduling users may be
    changed: https://kb.uwm.edu/page.php?id=63650
  • If you are the owner of continuing pantherLIST e-mail lists you should update
    their ownership. See the ownership info at the bottom of the PantherLIST
    FAQ page: https://kb.uwm.edu/page.php?id=42159
  • Two new references for the departure of employees and continuation of business practices or data relationships include:
  • Some additional information for all can be found in Before You Leave UWM.

For assistance, contact the UWM Help Desk at
414-229-4040, toll-free at 877-381-3459, or use the online form at
http://GetTechHelp.uwm.edu You may verify the status of your access by visiting the ePantherACCOUNT Closure website located at http://epanther.uwm.edu/close