UWM Digital Certificate Service

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee has partnered with the InCommon Certificate Service to provide unlimited SSL certificates. This new certificate service has been paid for with research funds and SSL certificates are available free of cost to UWM departments and units. More information is available at the InCommon Certificate Service Site.

Under the existing arrangement with InCommon, there is no end user charge for production certificates, and certificates can be used for all levels of service. The back-end vendor/Certificate Authority is Comodo. The certificates will work in all mainstream operating systems, web browsers, email clients, etc. All certificates are available for a period of one, two, and three years. Extended Validation (EV) Certificates are not yet available.

How do I request a Digital Certificate?

1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Note: The CSR must be 2048 bit and contain the following fields:

  • Country (2 character ISO code) – Example -> “US”
  • State/Province – Example -> “Wisconsin”
  • Locality – Example -> “Milwaukee”
  • Organization – Example -> “UW-Milwaukee”
  • Organization Unit – Example -> “SampleOrg”
  • Common Name (Fully Qualified Domain Name) – Example -> “sample.fqdn.uwm.edu”

Visit Comodo Support for assistance in generating a CSR.

2. Submitting the CSR

Submit the CSR using your access code and UWM email address to the InCommon Certificate Manager.

  • An individual’s UWM email must be used for the request to properly record ownership of the certificate.
  • A shared mailbox, PantherLIST or other team email address can be added to the “external requester” field on the form for renewal notifications.
  • The comments field should have a very brief description of the service and indicate whether the service is production, development or test. (Development and test services are limited to 1-year renewals.)

NOTE – Local Registration Authority Operators (RAO’s) reserve the right to reject certificate requests that conflict with the terms of the agreement with InCommon.

 How do I obtain Technical Support?

Technical support and troubleshooting are being provided by Comodo via email, a web ticketing system, and telephone. Comodo’s support web site includes a Knowledge Base and step-by-step troubleshooting guide. Please note: You must register to take advantage of support.

  • Email: support@comodo.com (24×7)
  • Web: support.comodo.com (24×7)
  • Phone:+1-888-266-6361, +1-703-581-6361 (5:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST, Mon-Fri)

For questions not related to technical support, please contact the UWM Identity and Access Management Team (IAM).

More Information

UW-Milwaukee uses the InCommon Certificate Service