UWM 1Login FAQ

What is the UWM 1Login service?

The UWM 1Login service provides Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities for Web-based services.It gives you access all 1Login services without having to log in again, as long as you’re in the same browser session.

Does this new page change how I log into services?

You will continue to access all your services using your ePantherID and password.

Do I need to change my ePantherID and password?

No. Continue to use your existing ePantherID and password. The introduction of 1Login is a change to the page where you will log in for various IT services.

Will I use the 1Login service to log into all UWM IT services?

Not at the present time. You’ll continue to use the same login pages for PAWS, o365 email and calendar and other services. Other UWM IT services and many other Web-based IT services UWM faculty, staff and students use will be added to the service and use this new page.

What services will use this new login page?

For a current list of all services, visit the UWM 1Login Web Applications page.

How does Single Sign-on (SSO) work?

Single Sign-on allows to you access services using an SSO protocol. For example, if you have logged into your D2L account and then want to go to JSTOR to search for a back issue of a journal, you just access the JSTOR service (jstor.org) and you will be automatically logged in. Because access is automatically granted to 1Login services during the same browser session, it’s important to make sure you close your browser when you have completed all your work or leave your computer. This will prevent unauthorized access to your services and/or files.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040, toll-free at 877-381-3459 or use the online request form at GetTechHelp.uwm.edu.