Identity Verification

The purpose of Identity Verification is to provide an additional level of assurance when accessing applications with sensitive or confidential information. Services within UW-System may require this additional measure. This requirement is coordinated with UW-Madison and is facilitated locally through UW-Milwaukee’s Identity and Access Management Team.

In order to protect critical and sensitive information, UW-System requires an additional level of assurance while authenticating into UW-System applications. Users with access to sensitive data may be required to complete an Identity verification process.

What do HRS Core and SFS users need to do?

UW-Milwaukee employees are required to activate and enroll a device within UW-Milwaukee’s Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service. Once a device is associated with an individual’s account, identity verification can be requested.

Identity Verification does not grant additional access within UW-System applications. Additional information on requesting access can be found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An individual will be required to reverify their identity if their account is subjected to a third party password reset or use of UW-Milwaukee’s Duo bypass code generation.