Types of Sponsored Guest Accounts

Cooperative Urban Teacher: Cooperative Urban Teacher Education Program (CUTEP) participant from MATC leading to admission to UWM’s teacher education program.
Employee Special Account: PREPs or authorized individuals may submit Sponsored Guest Account requests for new employees if paperwork is delayed. The IAM Team will create accounts one (1) week prior to the individual’s start date. The account will expire after two (2) weeks if the paperwork is not submitted/completed.
Pre-College: Pre-College High School student or adult participating in GEAR-UP, Future Success, Quest, Veterans Upward Bound or other programs.
Sponsored Student: Sponsored student guest. May be used for previous UWM students attempting to re-enroll, providing access to facilitate making up an incomplete, or other reasons related to being a student. May include non-UWM students from other Higher Education Institutions or High School students in UWM-sponsored programs.
Special Housing: Special Housing Guest includes non-UWM students residing in UWM Residence Halls halls under special agreement with University Housing.
Upward Bound Math and Science: Upward Bound Math/Science program participant. An academic support pre-college program funded through the US Department of Education.
Upward Bound: Upward Bound program participant. A pre-college academic achievement program funded through US Department of Education, Federal TRIO Programs.
Visiting Scholar: Visiting Scholar, Researcher, Professor or Collaborator who will not be paid from the UW System appointment system.
Miscellaneous Sponsored: Miscellaneous sponsored guest includes (but is not limited to) contractor, volunteer, unpaid intern, community member serving a UWM program, UWM-affiliated community program participant, grant-funded UWM member, lump-sum paid UWM member and others not itemized here.