SharePoint Site Request

SharePoint Online – Service Level Agreement

Purpose and Scope

SharePoint Online provides a structured platform to host, share and collaborate on documents and other files. SharePoint Online is meant to provide a central location for people within a team, organization, or school to work together. SharePoint Online sites are not tied to any one individual, allowing for progressive workflow creation and business continuity.

The following are outside the scope of UWM’s SharePoint Online service:

  • Ad hoc plugin installations on a tenant and per-site basis.
  • Student site requests (student organization requests are acceptable)


SharePoint Online is available 24/7 and is hosted by Microsoft. Any known outages within UW-Milwaukee’s instance of SharePoint online will be reported via


Users of SharePoint Online are encouraged to first seek help by using UWM’s knowledgebase, contacting their SharePoint Online site collection administrators or contacting their local IT support with questions.

Support is also available for SharePoint Online via the UWM help desk. To request assistance, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or by using the web form at


Designated SharePoint site collection administrator: All SharePoint Online sites are required to have an identified site collection administrator (site owner) who is a full-time employee of the university. A group of individuals acting as the site collection administrator is highly recommended. Prior Training is highly recommended for all site collection administrators.

Site Integrity & Availability: Any code, content or functionality that compromises service or data security, performance or availability is subject to removal.

Acceptable use: SharePoint Online administrators, editors, and users are bound by UWM’s Acceptable Use Policy and Information Security Policy.

Data Classifications: Information Security recommendations for SharePoint Online can be found here. If intending to use SharePoint Online to store sensitive information, including SSNs, PCI (credit card) information, or HIPAA information, please contact UWM Information Security prior to transmitting this data to SharePoint Online.

Training Materials

UWM Knowledgebase

UWM TechTraining Course Manual – SharePoint Fundamentals

UWM TechTraining Course Manual – SharePoint Power Users

LinkedIn Learning – SharePoint Online Essentials

SharePoint Site Request