Requesting a Change to your ePantherID

ePantherID change requests can be made for the following three reasons:

  1. Legal name change
  2. Legal name and therefore corresponding epantherID were spelled incorrectly
  3. Selected an unprofessional epantherID prior to 2006.

If your request does not fall into one of the above three categories, you must submit an epantherID change appeal.

In your appeal, you should address why with your current epantherID, you cannot perform your academic duties as a student or professional duties as a professor or researcher.

If your appeal is approved by program sponsors, a member of University IT Services will contact you to assist in selecting a new ePantherID. ePantherIDs are limited to 8 characters and must be unique. Once a new ePantherID is selected, you will be required to pick a date that the ePantherID change will occur.

During the evening of the date chosen, you will not be able to use or access IT services including email while the change occurs. When completed:

  • The new account will bear the password of the old account.
  • The old account will be configured with an email auto-reply to notify senders of the change, three months or until the end of following semester.
  • All email and folders will remain under the new id.
  • Your ePantherID will switch within D2L and Canvas.
  • Campus database driven mailing lists will automatically update with the new address.
  • Other mailing lists and services may require manual intervention by the requestor.
  • Local department desktop changes may be required as well.

Please submit this form and someone from University IT Services will contact you within 2-3 business days.

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