Name Changes

Legal Name Changes

Students can change the name that appears on their academic record at Enrollment and Financial Services One Stop.

Employees wishing to change their name must go to the Human Resources office with proof of change. An SSN card is required to verify that the new name  match  for payroll and tax purposes. (This is also based upon the requirements of the W-4 form.)  Forms from  Human Resources and Health Insurance need to be changed.

Members of the UWM Community may consider requesting a change to their ePantherID AFTER the change has been made in UWM administrative systems. Individuals  should read Requesting a Change to your ePantherID before considering this option.

Directory Employee Name Changes

Employees may request a change to their Directory Employee (PAWS equivalent of display) name. The result would be that one’s legal name would stay intact but the Directory Employee name would be passed on to:

  • Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365)
  • Whitepages
  • PAWS (uses multiple versions of name)
  • Canvas

To pursue this please contact the Help Desk.