Information for Campus IT Staff

The following are items for campus information technology staff to be aware of:

  • Students and employees are automatically issued an ePantherACCOUNT. The ePantherID is created during this process using an automated algorithm.
  • The ePantherID is used for the UWM email address and together with a password provides access to many campus IT services.
  • It is recommended that individuals keep the issued ePantherID. The ePantherID may be changed for legal name changes upon request but doing so will disrupt access to many services and may result in the loss of data.
  • It is strongly recommended that Web-based applications utilize the SAML protocol to authenticate to the ePantherACCOUNT.
  • UWM has central LDAP and Active Directory services that may be used to manage access to local resources after consultation with the UITS IAM Technical Team staff.
  • The UITS IAM Technical Team strongly recommends early involvement of UWM Purchasing, UWM Security Office and the UITS IAM Technical Team when software solutions that require authentication are considered.
  • Services requiring the authentication and/or authorization of users asserting FERPA status will require the service owner to complete an online FERPA tutorial. After successful completion, the service owner will then complete and submit the  UWM Access to Services Data Request to the IAM Team who will then facilitate submission to the UWM Registrar’s Office.

The IAM Technical Team staff are available to discuss specific IAM topics and consult on implementation issues. Service requests and support issues should use the UWM Help Desk Request Form.


Additional Information