ePantherACCOUNT Information

An ePantherID is assigned to students applying to UWM, faculty, and staff during the hiring process along with  active guests of the university. The ePantherID needs to be activated before it can be used.


After confirmation of submitting an application, UWM applicants receive a letter with instructions to obtain an ePantherID to authenticate to PAWS to check the status of their application, financial aid, etc.

Applicants will be prompted to use their “UWM email address” to login to PAWS. Simply add @uwm.edu to the end of your assigned ePantherID and enter your password to gain access to your account. If you have any issues with accessing PAWS, please contact the UWM Help Desk.

Active Users

New Active Users get their new ePantherACCOUNT, enabling email and other services. Returning, past active individuals will retain their previously issued ePantherID. Active Users include:

  • Admitted Students: This applies to applicants who have matriculated to student status, but not yet enrolled in any classes.
  • Enrolled Students: This applies to those who are officially enrolled in courses or have been enrolled within the past two semesters.
  • Employees (Faculty, Staff) are in the Active User phase after they are hired. If there is a delay in hiring paperwork, PREPs or authorized individuals may submit Sponsored Guest Account requests for the intermediate time.
  • Sponsored Guests: Individuals who are not students, faculty or staff, but who are affiliated with UWM (Eg. contracted employees or consultants, student interns, student guests). These accounts must be sponsored by an active non-retired faculty or staff member.
  • Retired faculty and staff: some retirees can remain in the Active User phase with Annuitant or Emeritus standing.

Accessing IT Services –  Once eligible to enroll in classes, students are given access to email, web services, Campus Computer Labs, campus wireless service, and other associated services. Upon completion of the hiring process, faculty and staff are provided access to all aforementioned services, as well as the My Wisconsin portal for payroll and benefits information and other non-UWM services.

Keeping your ePanther Password Secure – Your ePantherID and password protect your private information as well as information you may have on behalf of others. All ePantherID passwords have a maximum 365-day lifespan.  Never share your password nor provide your password in response to an email or via telephone. Create a strong password, but one that you can remember and try to change it on a routine basis. The Passwords page can help you choose one.

If you believe your password has been stolen or compromised, contact the UWM Help Desk immediately. To reset your password, contact the Help Desk or go to one of the links below:

Loss of Access

Access may be locked due to compromise from downloaded or linked malware or social engineering. This is temporary and the Help Desk assists clients in regaining their access.

An account may be destined for removal when:

  • not registered for classes past two full semesters (fall and spring)
    • immediate lock upon loss of Student role if also past Employee role
  • no longer employed by UWM
    • immediate lock upon losing Employee role(s).
  • sponsored affiliation with UWM has expired
    • immediate lock  upon losing Sponsored role

In advance of such pending departures, employees and their supervisors/departments should consult:

The Before You Leave page has additional useful information for all. We cannot emphasize enough when you leave, your data leaves with you. For schools, divisions and departments, it is important to identify that university data isn’t with the person leaving but in a shared location for business continuity.

Accounts subject to expiration will be part of the Account Deprovision process near the end of the fall or spring semesters.

More Information: