ePanther Account Deprovisioning

Student ePanther accounts are afforded a two-semester grace period after they are no longer enrolled in any classes. After this time, the account will be decommissioned by the UWM ePanther Account Administration Office. Notification of an upcoming account closure is limited to those whom have never been employed by UWM. Students who have been employed by UWM at any time during their enrollment lose their access immediately.

Twice a year, during the fall and spring semesters, deactivation warning emails are sent to accounts that have met the two semester criteria. This information gives account holders time to transfer any necessary data out of their account prior to closure. Shortly after the account is closed, data will be deleted.

If you receive an e-mail of this type and are unsure if it is legitimate, contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or submit a Help Desk incident.

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