Deprovision Timeline

Monday, March 2nd, emails go out to sponsors of sponsored guest accounts, to inquire of their guests’ renewals.

Wednesday, April 8th, warning emails are sent to those individuals’ accounts scheduled to be de-provisioned including sponsored guests who were not renewed.

Wednesday, April 29th, 3 weeks later, the accounts are locked. Individuals who did not read the email warning, whether ignored or misplaced,  will have the opportunity to contact the Help Desk to request a temporary reopen of their ePanther Account.

Wednesday,  May 20th, 3 weeks later, the temporarily reopened accounts, unless otherwise extended, are locked permanently and queued for deletion.

Wednesday June 3rd, final deletion occurs and the 30 day countdown to a final possible recovery of the data from the Microsoft cloud starts, for person or department that forgot to save content from any deprovisioned account.