Core Courses

The MHRLR Program believes in a common body of knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective Human Resource or Labor Relations professional. We have a core of seven courses totaling 21 credits. All courses are three (3) credits.

All students must take the following five core courses:

  • Industrial and Labor Relations (Ind Rel 701)
  • Managing in a Dynamic Environment (Bus Mgmt 706)
  • Human Resource Management (Bus Adm 738)
  • Staffing in Organizations (Bus Adm 735)
  • Research Tools for Practitioners in Human Resources and Labor Relations (Ind Rel 731/Bus Mgmt 731)

Students must also take at least one course from Group One and one course from Group Two. These choices can be used to specialize within either Human Resources or Labor Relations.

Group One

  • Collective Bargaining (Econ 753)
  • Economics of Personnel (Ind Rel 720)

Group Two

  • Labor Relations Law (Ind Rel 711)
  • Employment Law (Ind Rel 712)