Mediation and Negotiation

Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Negotiation

The Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Negotiation is offered jointly by the MHRLR program and the Department of Communication. The certificate provides practical and theoretical knowledge for individuals who wish to pursue or advance careers that involve managing or resolving disputes in organizational, educational, community, or family contexts. The program is designed to meet the increasing needs of business, organized labor, public sector and community organizations for people with skills in conflict resolution. Courses are offered late afternoons and evenings.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, the program offers a basic knowledge of mediation and negotiation between individuals and across organizations, allows some specialization in further course work, and is integrated with a final course involving either field-work or a research paper written under the direction of an expert in the area.


Students must apply for the certificate by submitting an application to the Graduate School. Students must have earned a 2.75 GPA overall or must furnish substantial evidence of ability to succeed in graduate level work. Students admitted to the Certificate will be expected to present at least three credits of prior work in microeconomics and three credits in statistics.

Credits and Courses

The certificate requires 12 credits of coursework. Two required courses, one elective course and either field-work or research paper completed under the direction of an expert in the area.

Required Courses

  • Comm 665 – Introduction to Mediation, 3 credits
  • Econ 753 – Collective Bargaining, 3 credits

Elective Courses (Choose One)

  • Comm 865 – Theory and Practice of Mediation, 3 credits
  • Comm 675 – International Mediation, 3 credits
  • Ind Rel 715 – Workplace Dispute Resolution, 3 credits
  • Bus Adm 737 – Managerial Decisions and Negotiations, 3 credits

Field Work (3 Credits Hours)

* Placement/Topic must be approved

  • Comm 998 – Internship
  • Comm 999 – Independent Study
  • Ind Rel 921 – Internship in Industrial Relations
  • Ind Rel 999 – Independent Study
  • Bus Adm 799 – Reading and Research

Course substitutions allowed with the consent of the Certificate Advisor, Sue Donohue Davies for those who had previously completed similar coursework.

For additional information on the certificate, contact the MHRLR program

Graduate Grievance Procedures

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