Monthly Employees

Monthly employees have all deductions taken on every standard paycheck.

Biweekly Employees

Biweekly employees have multiple checks per month with an A, B, or C to identify if they are the first, second, or third check paid in a particular month. Deductions are taken on specific checks (A, B, or C).

Biweekly Benefit Deduction Schedule

Multiple Jobs

If you have multiple jobs that are both biweekly and monthly, deductions such as parking, segregated fees, sports and recreation, and Children’s Learning Center will take on every check that is generated, regardless if you indicated that they be taken from only the monthly job or only the biweekly job.

You should notify the various departments at the time you sign up for those services that you have both biweekly and monthly positions. Extra deductions taken due to this issue will not be refunded to employees as they result in a shortened payment schedule, not an over-withholding.

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