News: Title and Total Compensation Project May Update

Title and Total Compensation Project May Update

May 2, 2022

Below are some important updates regarding the post-implementation activities for the UW System Title and Total Compensation Project (TTC):

Status of TTC Title Appeals Process

TTC Title Appeals were accepted for the period of November 15, 2021, through February 4, 2022, with approximately 270 appeals submitted. Over 60 Appeals have been resolved without necessitating escalation to the TTC Title Appeals Panels. Further, Title Appeals Panels have been convening since mid-March, with nearly 70 having reviewed and issued a recommendation. Those for which a hearing panel issued a recommendation are in the queue to be reviewed for final decision by the Chancellor designee as noted below. We anticipate that the process for reviewing Appeals and scheduling Appeals Panels will continue through upcoming weeks and will endeavor to have all appeals resolved on or near June 30, 2022.

Questions on the status of individual appeals can be sent to:

Chancellor Designee for TTC Title Appeals

With the December 2021 departure of the Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief HR Officer, the role of Chancellor Designee for final TTC Title Appeal Decisions was delegated to Vice Chancellor Robin Van Harpen. With the hire of Makda Fessahaye as the new Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, coupled with the status of the current appeals process, campus leadership is modifying who will be designated for this role. Moving forward, the Chancellor Designee will be established as follows:

  • TTC Title Appeals for Departments within Finance and Administrative Affairs: Vice Provost Devarajan Venugopalan. These title appeals are being directed to Vice Provost Venugopalan to eliminate any potential conflict of interest given Vice Chancellor Van Harpen’s oversight of this division.
  • TTC Title Appeals for all Academic Units, Student Affairs, and General Education Administrative Units: Vice Chancellor Robin Van Harpen. These remain as previously designated.
  • TTC Title Appeals that request a change in FLSA designation from non-exempt to exempt: Associate Vice Chancellor Makda Fessahaye. Associate Vice Chancellor Makda Fessahaye will be able to provide greater expertise to the FLSA issues in these cases.

UW System Post-Implementation Efforts

The UW System TTC Project Team continues to receive and review feedback received from Institution HR professionals, campus leadership, and employees regarding the new job structure. In response to these requests, adjustments have occurred and are continuing to be considered impacting the Standard Job Description (SJD) Library. The current status of this review can be found at the following links:

For any new titles created by UW System, please reach out to your HR Business Partner if you feel a recently added title might better address the responsibilities of your position.

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