News: Performance Management Update

Performance Management Update

February 17, 2022

In the interest of ensuring a systematic performance management program, UW System President Ray Cross issued a directive that all employees must have an annual performance evaluation. The directive, which remains in effect, includes employees of all employee categories, i.e., faculty, academic staff, university staff (on-going, project and LTE), and limited appointees. A consistent performance management program fosters employee engagement, encourages continuous performance improvement, and maximizes individuals’ contributions to UWM. Supervisory feedback about excellent employee performance, opportunities for growth or improvement, and goals is critical to support employees reaching their full potential.

The directive ties the completion of an annual performance evaluation to eligibility for a State pay plan (Pay Plan). That is, for an employee to be eligible for a pay plan increase, they must have a current evaluation on file. For any supervisor to be eligible, they must have completed performance evaluations for all staff who report to them. Thus, we are requiring that all UWM faculty and staff have a written performance evaluation on file that was or will be completed between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022. This will ensure those employees eligible for pay plan are properly evaluated for solid performance and it enables UWM to meet the President’s directive.

For academic staff and university staff, evaluations should be completed using the forms established for those employee categories (Employee Forms). For faculty, evaluations should be completed using the process/forms used by each school/college/department. Please note: the President’s directive is considered separate from the post-tenure review process. However, if a tenured faculty member had an evaluation completed as part of post tenure review during the time frame specified above, they are considered complete. If not, an evaluation must be completed. For probationary faculty, if they had an evaluation completed during the specified time frame as part of their probationary period, they are complete. If not, an evaluation must be completed.

This applies to faculty and staff employed on or before October 1, 2021. Faculty and staff who began employment after that date are not subject to this requirement for this year, but it is expected they should receive a timely review to track progress and goals in their initial months of their position. They will be required to have an annual performance evaluation going forward.

HR Business Partners will identify the population of faculty/staff in the schools/colleges/divisions to track completion of an evaluation. If someone did not have an evaluation and it is not possible for them to have an evaluation completed by April 30, 2022, (e.g., FMLA), that should be identified with a reason given and an indication of when an evaluation will be completed. HR Business Partners/PREPs will provide a progress report in late March. If you have not had a performance evaluation during the time frame specified, please speak with your supervisor now to ensure one is completed by April 30.

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