HRS Security Access

HRS Security Access

Multi-Factor Authentication Standardization and HRS/SFS Access

In November, 2021, UWM will be updating its multi-factor authentication (MFA) protection so that all members of our community will use the same MFA technology called Microsoft Authenticator.

Some staff with “core” access in HRS, SFS, or other systems that require identity verification in conjunction with MFA, will need to register for MFA earlier than most other staff.

Starting on Monday, October 25, 2021, early registration for Microsoft Authenticator was enabled to allow staff to set up Microsoft Authenticator and maintain the required higher level of access to HRS and other online systems. This action is for MFA registration purposes to maintain the higher access level.

The use of Microsoft Authenticator will be required for the full campus rollout over the weekend of November 12, 2021.

For more information on this change please see:

Please Note:

The Microsoft Authenticator fob looks very similar to the DUO fob. The Microsoft fob says c200 at the top. The DUO fob is not compatible with Microsoft Authenticator.

DUO and Microsoft Fobs

If you have any questions about this, or need assistance with this process, please contact UWM’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) Team directly for assistance at

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