Title Review with Incumbent (Change of Duties) Guideline – Academic Staff & University Staff Positions

Original Issuance Date: July 1, 2015

Last Revision Date: August 13, 2018

  1. Process Description

    When the duties or functions of a filled Academic Staff (administrative, research, instructional) or University Staff (ongoing or project) position evolve such that the current title is no longer appropriate, a title change of the filled position may occur. As a result of the title change, the pay schedule/range corresponding to the filled position may also change. Changes in duties may result in the position being placed in a higher title/salary grade (upgrade) or may result in the position being placed in a lower title/pay grade (downgrade). This guideline explains the steps in the title review process for Academic Staff (administrative, research, instructional) and University Staff (ongoing or project) positions with an incumbent, the pay implications, and the appeal rights for employees. Prior to submitting a formal request for title review, the Dean/Division Head, in consultation with the supervisor and the appropriate Central Human Resources (“CHR”) representative, shall discuss the potential impact to the incumbent.

  2. Important Considerations
    • All positions evolve somewhat over time. Changes in duties may or may not necessitate a change in title or salary grade.
    • The assignment of additional duties that continue to be appropriate to the current title definition does not result in a different title being more appropriate.
    • The assignment/removal of temporary or interim duties to/from the current position does not per se result in a different title being more appropriate.
    • Incumbents must be paid at least at the minimum of the new range; any additional compensation may or may not be appropriate.
    • Unless delegated to another human resources authority by formal agreement, title determinations shall be made by CHR and will be effective on the first day of the pay period following receipt in the CHR office.
    • Divisional human resources staff are responsible for notification to employees of any title and/or rate changes.
    • Employees seeking a title review may self-initiate such a request to CHR but the final determination of any change shall be at the discretion of the Dean/Division Head.
  3. Process
    1. Requests for title review may be initiated by the supervisor, the department, or the division by submitting a memorandum justifying a review to the Dean/Division Head of their school/college/division.
    2. An employee believing that a change in duties and/or the addition of duties/responsibilities warrant a title review may submit a request for review to CHR. Employees shall copy their supervisor or director on their formal request to CHR.
    3. The formal request for title review will be submitted to the Employment Services Manager (currently the Human Resources Program Officer) by the Dean/Division Head for the school/college/division. The request for title review shall include:
      • A memorandum explaining the change in duties.
      • A summary identifying the former and new duties.
      • The revised employee position description.
      • A new organizational chart reflecting any change.
    4. The Employment Services Manager will assign the request to the appropriate Employment Services Specialist for review and analysis.
    5. If this analysis results in agreement with the Dean/Division Head’s request, the Employment Services Manager will send a formal notification to the Dean/Division Head listing the new title and salary range. Salary changes shall be in made in accordance with the Academic Staff Titling and Compensation Plan or the Pay Determination Guidelines for University Staff.
    6. The Dean/Division Head or designee will then notify the employee of the results of the title review.
      1. For self-initiated reviews, the Dean/Division Head may choose to modify the position description, thus eliminating the need for a title change or accept the recommendation from CHR.
      2. Alternatively, the Dean/Division head may agree with the title review but will limit any salary considerations to that required by the Academic Staff Titling and Compensation Plan or the Pay Determination Guidelines for University Staff.
    7. Divisions or Departments wishing to provide a greater than required salary amount shall seek approval by submitting a Non-Merit Related Salary Adjustment request along with a full compensation analysis.
    8. The effective date of any approved change shall be the first day of the payroll period following receipt of the complete title review packet in the CHR office.
    9. For the process on title appeals please see the appropriate appeals guidelines Academic Staff Guideline on Title Appeals or the University Staff Guideline on Title Appeals.
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