Title Review Guideline for New or Vacant University Staff Positions

1. Policy Reference

  • University Staff Guideline on Title Appeals
  • University Staff AIMS Recruitment Checklists

2. Description

New and/or vacant university staff (non-exempt) positions will be analyzed and titled prior to recruitment. This guideline explains the steps in the title review process for these positions.

3. Process Considerations

  • Central Human Resources will review the position for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt status.
  • Formerly exempt classified titles, while still in existence, will be prohibited for use to fill vacancies after July 1, 2015.
  • Title determinations are made by Central Human Resources and are strictly based on the duties and functions of the position.
  • Changes in duties do not guarantee a change in title.
  • Divisional Human Resources Staff are responsible for notification to employees of any title and/or rate changes.

4. Request for Title Review of New/Vacant Positions

  1. A posting is initiated and forwarded for approvals through the Applicant Information Management System (AIMS).
    1. The posting shall include the requested position information and posting text.
    2. Uploaded to the posting shall be a position description and an organizational chart, along with the other required recruitment documents for University Staff positions.
  2. The AIMS posting is submitted through AIMS to the Department of Human Resources by the Dean/Division Head for the school/college/division.
  3. An Employment Services Specialist (ESS) in the Department of Human Resources will conduct an analysis of the position’s duties and FLSA status. If the position analysis results in agreement with the Dean/Division Head’s request, the position’s title will be assigned and the position will be placed in the appropriate pay schedule and range. The posting will be published to the web.
    1. For schools, colleges, and academic support units, postings that have been approved by the ESS should be submitted to the Provost for review in AIMS. Once approved by the Provost, the ESS will publish the posting.
    2. For the process on title appeals, please see the University Staff Guideline on Title Appeals.

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