New Employee Benefits


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a Wisconsin public employer, offers a comprehensive benefits package. You may be entitled to participate in various benefit plans that the UW System offers. Also, the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds administers a number of benefit programs available through Wisconsin public employers.

Please contact the UWM Benefits Office with any questions concerning your benefits or eligibility.

  • Benefits Phone: (414) 229-5353
  • Fax: (414) 229-4102
  • Benefits Email:

Benefits Specialists

Benefits Specialists are assigned according to employee last name.

Last name beginning withBenefits SpecialistEmail
A – IGail
J – PLoree
Q – ZSusan

Benefits Eligibility

Benefits eligibility and benefits packages vary according to appointment and appointment type. Refer to your appointment letter to confirm your appointment type.

More Information on Eligibility

Further detailed information about employee categories, eligibility, and benefits can be found on these external websites:

Benefits Packages

Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointees

  • You are paid monthly.
  • You are 9 or 12 month faculty or academic staff.
  • Benefits Package.
University Staff

Short-Term Academic Staff

Rehired Annuitants

  • You had retired with a monthly WRS benefit.
  • You are returning to employment after the required break in service.
  • Benefits Package.
Graduate Assistants and Post-Doctoral Appointees

  • You are paid monthly.
  • You are a graduate student employed as a student assistant, or are employed as an employee-in-training.
  • Benefits Package.
Student Employees