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Recurring Educational Opportunities at UWM

Intro to Bash/Intro to Mortimer

Nearly all modern supercomputers run some variation of a Linux operating system, a much different experience than a typical desktop computer running Windows. Researchers looking to leverage high performance computing (HPC) resources such as the Pergrine cluster on the UW-Milwaukee campus will need to be able work in these (potentially) unfamiliar environments. These workshops will familiarize participants with working in a remote Unix environment typical of these resources.

The workshop will be primarily virtual lectures with some opportunities for hands-on practice to reinforce concepts. Users will be provided accounts to work on the Peregrine cluster to ensure a uniform environment between attendees. Users working on a local Windows machine will need to install a terminal emulator (such as PuTTY, Cygwin, or MobaXterm) to be able to connect to the remote cluster. All users attending from off campus will also need access to the UWM GlobalProtect VPN.

Register for day 1: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 | 2-4 PM

Day 1 will focus on the basics of a Unix environment, whether it be remote or local. Users will develop an understanding (and hopefully an appreciation) of working in a command-line environment.

Workshop - Intro to Bash

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Register for day 2: Thursday, June 17th, 2021 | 2-4 PM

Job schedulers are an integral part of any supercomputer, allowing users to request and use computing resources for their own programs. Day 2 will focus on aspects more specific to remote cluster environments, such as working with these job schedulers. By the end of the series, users should be comfortable working on remote HPC clusters, regardless of any prior experience.

Workshop - Intro to UWM HPC Resources

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