Assignment Change Request

Due to COVID 19 and the change in the assignment process and timeline, University Housing no longer has a summer assignment change request process. Assignments will start to be released on July 17 through August 7. As a contract holder, you are able to make changes to your contract preferences through July 12.

If you have a concern related to your posted housing assignment, you, the contract holder, should email with your name and 9 digit ID #, briefly describing your concern and request for reassignment. Emails will be reviewed and decisions made as they are received.  We are unable to guarantee that your space change request will be honored.  Priority in assignments will be given to those students who have yet to receive an initial assignment. It should be noted that there will be opportunities for assignment changes once the fall/spring room freeze lifts. Please contact your RA for further details post move-in.

In consideration of your request we would like to remind you that University Housing does not discriminate in assignments to the residence halls on the basis of age, ancestry, arrest or conviction record, color, disability, gender identity/expression, veteran status, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. University Housing will not honor a room change request for the above stated reasons.

As a reminder, please review the Residence Hall Contract Guidebook, which contains the contract provisions you previously agreed to, related to room changes (found in Section N).  Parts of this section will become significant should University Housing be unable to accommodate your request at this time.