Packing and Cleaning

To assist with move out, it’s often easier to start moving items home in smaller loads during the weeks leading up to final exams. Parking will be restricted during move-out, so it will be easiest if you prepare prior to your ride’s arrival and it is advised that you have all of your belongings packed and ready to go before your family and friends come to pick you up. Have everything packed in containers that are easy to stack, and do as much cleaning in advance as you can.

Extra cardboard boxes are available on the upper level of the Sandburg parking garage, and in Cambridge Commons and RiverView garage. Some boxes may be broken down, so you will need packing tape to reassemble them.


Make sure to thoroughly clean your room before you check out. Please see the Move Out Posters for a suggested cleaning checklist.

Although University Housing has vacuums and carts available for check out, the wait can take over an hour during peak times. If you would like to avoid waiting, please bring your own vacuum to clean your room or suite.