Termination Checklist

  1. Review Contract Guidebook for termination policies.
  2. Submit Contract Termination Form and supporting documentation.
    • If your termination is approved, you will receive an email with your termination fees within 2 business days from University Housing staff.
    • If your termination is unapproved, a university staff member will reach out to you within 2 business days to schedule a 15 minute virtual exit interview to verify your reason and determine your termination fees.
  3. Obtain your Express Checkout Envelope from the Service Desk.
  4. Submit any work orders for outstanding repairs that were not resolved from the room condition report you submitted online when you moved in.
  5. Start to pack.
  6. Clean your room:
    • Return room to original condition.
    • Vacuum/mop.
    • Remove all items from door/wall.
    • Put bed in original placement.
    • Rental lofts should be taken down and placed under bed.
    • Remove all personal belongings from common areas.
    • Minimal cleaning supplies are available for check-out through the Service Desk.
  7. Clean out your mailbox and pick up any remaining packages.
  8. Provide a forwarding address on your MyHousing account so we know where to forward your mail.
  9. Move all personal belongings out of room and ensure it is clean prior to checking out. Charges may apply for damage and cleaning beyond normal wear and tear.
  10. Contact bedloft.com for return of microfridge (if applicable).
  11. Check out with the Service Desk.
    • Return Express Checkout Envelope to your building’s service desk. A staff member will accompany you back to your room to assess any damages and ensure you have properly cleaned.
    • Review your Resident Handbook for a list of all fees related to improper move-out, lock change, damage and cleaning charges.
    • Residents who vacate after the last day of Fall Finals but before the Friday immediately preceding the start of the Spring Semester are required to Express Check-Out via their Service Desk. The $75 improper check-out fee will be waived for this time period as a result of limited staffing during winter break. 
  12. Gold Account money can be refunded by contacting the Panther Card Office at (414) 229-2231 or Union 198.

Financial Appeals

If you believe that your termination fees were assessed inappropriately or disagree with the termination fees, you have the right to appeal. Financial Appeal forms are available in the University Housing Office.

Appeals and supporting documentation must be submitted within 120 calendar days of when you completed your Contract Termination Exit Interview.

If you fail to schedule an exit interview or miss your initial appointment, your appeal must be submitted within 14 days of when your Contract Termination Form was submitted to University Housing. Financial Appeals submitted after this deadline will not be considered.