Welcome Back RAs!

We’re excited to have our RAs back on-campus and starting training for the 2018-19 Academic Year!

Contract Cancellation Form

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LLC Trip to Fox 6 News

One of our newest Living Learning Communities, the JAMS LLC, had the opportunity to visit Fox 6 Studios and meet some of the great talent at the station.

Are You Familiar with the UWM Residency Policy?

Inclusive Housing Comes to UWM

In addition to the traditional coed-by-suite assignments, University Housing will be offering two alternatives in 2014-2015: Inclusive Housing and Single-Gender Communities


New Student Contract Process

University Housing contracts for new students entering for the 2014-2015 academic year were released beginning in December, 2013. Contracts will be released on a weekly basis until well into summer. Typically, students will get their University Housing contract access on the second Friday following their date of admission.

UWM does have a residency policy, which states that all first-time full-time students are expected to live in University Housing facilities, while such accommodations are available. There are some reasons that students can ask to be exempt from the policy, but the basic assumption is that students are living in University Housing unless an exemption is requested by the student.

In the contract process, students should be prepared to make the following decisions/preferences (any of these preferences can be modified up until May 1, 2014, at the myHousing website):

  1. Living Learning Community Preference (visit www.llc.uwm.edu for more information)
  2. Preferred Roommate Request
  3. Male-Only or Female-Only Floors
  4. Room Type Preference
  5. Personal Habit Characteristics/Preferences
  6. Meal Plan Preference

Contracts will continue to be issued and accepted through the summer, though the assignment process will begin in May. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their University Housing Contract by May 1, to ensure they are a part of the first random lottery assignment process.

The lottery that determines the order for assignments is part of a randomized computer process, and will sort/assign students based off the list above (with LLC being the top-priority for assignments, and personal habits being the least-weighted factor – meal plans are not considered for assignment purposes).

Students typically learn their housing assignments in early June (unless contracts are submitted after May 1, which can significantly delay the timeline for assignments to be made).

If students have questions about the University Housing Contract process, contact the University Housing Office at (414) 229-4065 or university-housing@uwm.edu.

2014-2015 Living Learning Communities

With more than 20 communities, encompassing over 1,000 students, these smaller “communities within communities” let residents live and take classes with other students who have similar interests or career goals.