Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Form


Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Request Form

Intended for students who have previously signed a contract but wish to cancel prior to entry / start of term.
  • ** Students selecting this statement must also complete the Request for Exemption to Mandatory Housing Requirement Form available at: Cancellations will not be processed until the student’s Exemption Request is granted.
  • If you meet one of the three conditions above, you can request to be released from your housing contract by submitting this Contract Cancellation Form. This form is only applicable prior to your assigned date of entry or contract start date. If your contract start date or assigned move-in date has passed or you have moved in please complete the Contract Termination Request Form. If you are no longer planning on attending UWM, you must submit this form to cancel your University Housing contract as well as contact Admissions and Recruitment (Vogel Hall, (414) 229-2222, to withdraw from the university. Completion of this University Housing form does not cancel your obligation to the University.

    If you have questions, please contact the University Housing Office.

    • MAIL: Department of University Housing, 3400 N Maryland Ave, Milwaukee WI 53211
    • FAX: (414) 229-4127
    • PHONE: (414) 229-4065
    • EMAIL:, subject "Contract Cancellation Request"

    Cancellation by Resident: Special Circumstances:

    • Students denied admission to UWM are eligible for a full refund (less the $50 non-refundable portion) provided they notify University Housing promptly in writing by submitting this form. Student must submit documentation to show that your admission was denied when submitting this form.
    • Students who are not able to attend UWM due to personal illness, family illness, military obligations or serious emergency which prevents the resident's attendance may be eligible for cancellation without penalty (less the $50 non-refundable portion). Student must submit proof of special circumstance in additional to this form.

    Cancellation Deadlines / Penalties

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  • Please note: you may not cancel a contract after its start date. To break a contract after its start date, please complete a termination form.