Kenilworth Cancellation Request Form

Kenilworth Contract Cancellation Request Form

Intended for students who have previously signed a contract but wish to cancel prior to entry / start of term.
  • According to page 8, section E. Cancellation of Contract

    1. You may cancel this Contract by completing this Contract Cancellation Request Form and submitting it to University Housing. Forms must be received by University Housing at least 24 hours before the earlier of:
    a. August 30, 2021 for Contracts beginning Semester I, and January 20, 2022 for Contracts beginning Semester II*; and
    b. any Approved Early Arrival Date (the "Cancellation Deadline"); and
    c. assigned date of entry.

    2. University Housing may also cancel this contract without prior notice to you on or prior to the Cancellation Deadline in the event that you:
    a. have an overdue debt to UWM and or University Housing and/or have a record of past failure to meet financial obligations to UWM;
    b. have failed to properly complete this Contract and/or submit required deposits/documents;
    c. have demonstrated by past or current behavior, an unwillingness or inability to fulfill the conditions of this Contract;
    d. have demonstrated by past or current behavior that your presence in Kenilworth may provide an unreasonable risk to yourself or others.

    3. In the event of cancellation, fees will be determined as follows based upon when the Contract Cancellation Request Form was received by University Housing (the "Cancellation Effective Date"):

    Cancellation Deadlines / Penalties

    1. Special Circumstances: If, prior to your Occupancy Start Date, you are denied admission to UWM for reasons outside of your control or you are not able to attend school due to personal illness, family illness, or military obligations, you may be eligible for a refund of $250 of your deposit in University Housing's sole discretion, provided, however, that you notify University Housing as soon as possible and provide any requested documentation.

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