Early Childhood Teacher Education

Located in Sandburg Hall


Great Choice for You If…

  • You intend to major in Early Childhood Education, or Early Childhood Special Education.


To help introduce students to early childhood education classes, activities, and discussions early on in their college career. Early childhood education is focused on teaching children from birth to age 8.

Picture yourself…

  • Attending overnight student leadership retreat where we will do ropes courses, team building exercises, personality inventories, and networking with students.
  • Going on class trips to the Urban Ecology Center
  • Working with kids, volunteering at food pantries and various community-based organizations.

Required Courses

CURRINS 312 – Models and Issues for Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
W 4:30-7:10pm

CURRINS 140 – Field Experience with Families & Communities (1 credit)
W 7:30-8:40pm
This course also requires 25 service hours.

CURRINS 233 – Intro to Children’s & Young Adult Literature (3 credits)
Th 4:30-7:10pm


In Their Own Words education2

Dakota Crowell, LLC Student:
“I love being in the Community Leadership LLC because it gave me a chance to meet other people outside my major and let me continue to give back to the community. I made some close friendships being in the LLC.”

Megan Olson, LLC RA (and former participant):
“I was in this LLC my first year and made friendships that I still have today. It was my favorite year of college because I lived with my friends, took classes with my friends, and volunteered with my friends. As the RA for the LLC this year, it is amazing to see this same experience happen with my residents.”

Dr. Nancy File, LLC Instructor:
“For students who want to be early childhood teachers, leadership skills are so essential. All of the LLC experiences help them to become strong advocates for children. Giving students these opportunities as soon as they enter UWM is an essential component to our early childhood education program.”


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